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Water, fire & storm damage restoration FAQ's

Here you can solve all your doubts about our services.

Water, fire & storm damage restoration FAQ's

Here you can solve all your doubts
about our services.


What is mold?

Mold is multiple microscopic organisms that can be found in both animal and plant matter, it helps with the decomposition of said matter and also with the recycling of nutrients from the environment.

Mold  lives and grows everywhere, from soil, food, and all kinds of matter. In order for mold to continue growing, it needs to produce many spores that can be easily spread by water and air. Mold basically multiplies in the right conditions, since the only thing mold needs to grow is moisture.

Why does mold grow in homes?

Mold is very common both in houses and in buildings, remember that mold grows in places where there is a lot of humidity, it may have entered your house through open doors or windows, air conditioning or heating ducts. Mold spores tend to grow when they collect where there is a lot of moisture. You Restorations recommends you to make the mold assessment in order to know if your home has high levels of mold because it can be risky for your and your family’s health, you just have to contact us and we will make the appointment as soon as possible to help you.

Where does mold grow in homes?

You need to be careful because mold can grow in all kinds of places that have moisture, for example: around roof leaks, pipe leaks, on windows or even where there has been flooding. It can also grow on paper, wood, cardboard, dust, paints, insulation, carpets, fabrics, and upholstery. Between many other places where it just needs moisture to grow.

If you detect there is mold in different places of your house you must contact You Restorations, we will make the mold assessment and make the process to leave your home free of mold.

When does mold become a problem?

Mold growth can quickly become a problem in your home if there is too much moisture, this will happen because mold spores will be everywhere in your home and can be a health risk. First of all, you should be aware of whether there are sources of moisture in your home such as: floods, leaks, poor ventilation, wet clothes that are inside the property, humidifiers, condensation due to inadequate ventilation, basements and small spaces, steam from bathrooms and kitchens. It is necessary for you to have a team with the proper tools that can mitigate mold in your house and keep every space clean of possible risks caused by high levels of mold.

How does mold affect our health?

Exposure to mold can have multiple adverse effects on the health of you and your family, it can start with allergic reactions due to the inhalation of mold spores, it is quite dangerous since these allergic reactions can include fever, asthma, irritation and other adverse effects.

Among less common effects there are infections and even some toxic effects that can be very serious, so it is necessary that you contact a professional team that can protect you and your family from mold.

What are the common causes of water damage?

Having water damages in home can mean a risk because your home may lose value and it can have different consequences through the time, between the most common causes of water damage we have: severe weather like hurricanes or natural disasters, clogged gutters, leaking pipes in some places like kitchen, washing machine water supply leak because of the constant pressure, condensation from the AC, Leaking of water heater and others. If you have some of these problems you have water damages in your property and You Restorations team is ready to solve them and provide you the best service.

What happens when water gets in your walls?

If there was a disaster on your property and the water has already seeped into the walls, you should keep in mind that excess water seeps into the interior and causes dampness by filtration, these are the most common causes of dampness in most homes. especially when there is an unfavorable climate or when there are underground leaks that can affect not only walls but walls, terraces, covered facades and much more. Remember that if your walls have filtrations it is very possible your home will start to have mold problems, so this is something you must solve as soon as you can.

How long does a shrink wrap last?

There are numerous signs that can help you identify that your walls are already leaking water, it is important that you are alert as it can cause multiple damages to structures:

There is a moldy smell in the room.

Mold growth on the walls.

There are stains on the walls.

There are bubbles on the walls.

If you notice this happening to your walls it is important that you contact us as quickly as possible, our team will come to your property and give you the best service for water damage mitigation.

The most important thing after any of these cases is that you contact your trusted company and clean it up as quickly as possible, the water must be quickly removed so that the damage is not worse on your property, then it must be dried and also the team must carried out a disinfection process to avoid possible health problems in the future, it is also necessary that you close the water flow to your property, disconnect electrical appliances, move those things that can be damaged and that you remain calm. The main thing to do is that you have a reliable team that can do a good damage mitigation and remediation job for you, for this you just have to contact You Restorations.

How can flooding affect my home?

Water damages caused by floods are the most common damages in the U.S This is why our team is always working for you every day of the week 24 hours. 

Floods can affect your home or business in many ways because they can cause: electrical damages, structural damages, contaminate drinking water, cut your communications off, damage crops, damage glasses and metals, damage sewages and others. 

It is important for you to know that when your home or business suffers water damages caused by floods, you must call a professional team that can take control of the situation, you can call us and we will take care of everything.

What is a shrink wrap?

A shrink wrap is a large plastic membrane that shrinks tightly to the contours of the roof with heat, this has become one of the most used ways to protect the roof after emergencies caused by storms, hurricanes, twists and others, because this is one of the best protection for water damage in any type of property. Our team is prepared and has the experience required to install the shrink wrap you need in your roof with the proper tools. You have to remember that shrink wrap is not only about covering,  because there may be more damage caused by water or natural disasters, so it is very important to have a professional team that can protect you and your home.

How long does a shrink wrap last?

First of all you have to remember that a shrink wrap is a temporary solution, that is why this may last some weeks or months, this material  is resistant to fire and UV rays. Shrink wrap is subjected to heat in every direction of the roof so even when it is made of a really good material it must last some weeks or months. You Restorations team will install your shrink wrap in the best way in order to provide you the best service and giving you peace of mind while we perform the job.

How can I select a Shrink wrap Contactor?

It is of special importance to contact a professional team, you must even document the roof damage and take into account the next qualification:

The company has the certification needed, they have the experience installing emergency roof wrap, experience managing staged roofing projects, experience working with insurance companies and also with damages with claims. In addition, this team must have experience in every mitigation and remediation service because it is probable your property has more damages caused by water like mold. Our team can manage all of this, you just have to contact us and we will help you.

Which are the benefits of shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap if the best alternative to protect your roof after some natural disaster because it can be used in a easy way and can be installed in houses and buildings that had suffered damages, shrink wrap is very effective and it offers you many benefits: it will allow you to save time and money, it will offer you waterproof protection, it has UV inhibitors, it can be applied in the same way as a tarp but its material is better, it also has a better appearance, it will also offer you the best protection against any type of natural disaster. Another of the benefits of shrink wrap is that You Restoration team will install it, so you can be sure this will be a good work.

What type of roof can use shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap will be the best option you can choose if you want to protect your home and family from other damages after a natural disaster such as a storm, hurricane or twist. It can be used in almost any type of roof, it fits perfectly for residential and commercial properties with any type of roof like, BUR, EPDM, Shake shingle, asphalt shingle, sloped roof, flat roof and even metal roofs. Remember that it can be also installed in any type of property like industrial spaces, buildings, churches, resorts, retails, resorts, apartments and others. You Restorations will provide you this installation service of shrink wrap, our professional and experienced team is the best option for you and your property.

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